New Look

I’ve updated my website! I miss the stars from my old site, but I do like how this one looks. I hope you all like it better, too. Feel free to give me your suggestions of what you do and do not like! I’ll do my best to add it in.

It is Summer…Isn’t It?

Normally by the first week of May, my California home has experienced its first 90-degree day. Rain showers have all but ceased, and by the first week of June, the heat wave has officially begun. This year, I feel like I’m still in the first week of December....
Doomsday — Who Cares?

Doomsday — Who Cares?

At this moment, a woman near my hometown is passing out flyers saying, “The Rapture is coming and will happen on May 21.” Ironically, she gave one such flyer to a cashier while purchasing tomatoes to plant in her summer garden. Another couple in the New...