Solution: How to Fix Android Studio’s ‘Unable to Obtain Result of Adb Version’ Error

by | Apr 30, 2016 | Computers

If you recently upgraded to Windows 10, you may be experiencing the following error when trying to run an Android Studio program: Unable to obtain result of 'adb version'. As part of this error, Android Studio will not display any connected devices, even if you do have devices connected for debugging and adb via command prompt can find them (adb devices).

The solution is to close Android Studio and temporarily deactivate your firewall (especially if you have Avast). For some reason, the firewall prevents Android Studio from connecting with ADB on Windows 10. Once you’re done running your program, you can reactivate your firewall again. Alternatively and preferably, simply go into Avast->Settings->Active Protection and next to File System Shield, click Customize and then the Exceptions tab Then you can add your sdk and Android Studio paths to the Exceptions list and not need to turn off your firewall at all.

Some things that do not work but which I often see suggested are to:

  • Reinstall Android Studio
  • Reintall platform_tools
  • Killing and restarting the adb server
  • Adding debug=true to the gradle and manifest files

Once again, the real solution is to temporarily deactivate the firewall or to add the sdk and Android Studio paths to your firewall exceptions list.

Let me know if this helped!