How to Go to an IP Address Instead of a URL

by | Nov 1, 2014 | Computers

IP Address on Computer

Sometimes, you need to navigate to an IP address instead of a traditional www url. If that’s the case, instead of typing the IP address into the URL box, type http:// then type the IP address.

For instance, 192.168.01 would be typed http://192.168.01.

Some old browsers allow you to just put the numbers and will add the http:// part automatically after you click submit. However, Google Chrome and newer versions of other browsers don’t do that. If you just type the numbers into the URL box, Chrome will think it’s a search request and show search results. However, if you add the http:// prefix, it treats it like an address and takes you to the correct page.

I also found that after typing the http://192.168.01 just once (with the prefix) into Chrome, I could leave off the http:// and simply type the number (even after closing and reopening the browser), but I had to type the entire thing the first time in order for the web browser to recognize that I wanted an IP address and not a search query.

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