Jesus Is Our Cell Phone

by | Oct 12, 2014 | Christianity & Catholicism

jesus-phoneWhat kind of cell phone do you have? An iPhone? An Android? Maybe you have one of those old-style phones that don’t have WiFi and can only talk or text. But I can guarantee, almost 100%, that you do have a cell phone.

Cell phones are vital for everyday life. Even more than computers, cell phones are needed to access information, communicate with friends, and get help in an emergency. You can go without a computer if you have to (hard drive death is irksome but survivable). You can go without WiFi (I personally lived without home internet for years). But going without a cell phone is just hard . . . even dangerous! What happens if your car breaks down on the side of an abandoned road? What if some creeper is stalking you? A cell phone is your lifeline.

So is Jesus. Some people question why Jesus’s death on the cross was even necessary. Why do we need a bridge connecting us to God? If he truly loves us, why do we need a savior at all?

It is true that God loves us, and in fact we started out as family in the same home. But because of our actions (sin), we had to leave that home and settle far away from God. Even though He still loves us and (hopefully) we still love him, we are separated from each other by sin. Yet because God loves us, He still tries to speak to us and guide us in our lives, but we are too far away to hear Him. He is broadcasting his signal, be we can’t receive it. That’s where Jesus comes in. Jesus is our cell phone. He picks up God’s signal and translates it for us so that we can understand. He also helps us communicate with God.

Say there is an emergency in our lives. What do many of us do? We take out our phone, call 911, and then pray for help. With Jesus, it’s one and the same. He is our phone, and he not only hears our call, but he passes it on to God the Father so that He can act on it as well.

Some of us have cell phones only for emergencies. That’s great. But most of us find that the richest experience and value comes if we use our phones on a daily basis—not just for emergencies, but for everyday conversations, for information retrieval, and for playing games. Similarly, you can call on Jesus just during emergencies, but you will lose out on a lot of value if you do. Jesus is not just for emergencies, but for everyday conversations, for getting information about how to live a better life, and for joy.

In the end, though, Jesus is better than any cell phone. With Jesus, you don’t have to pay a monthly plan, or any plan at all—God has already prepaid the bill. And you never need to worry about buying upgrades, or replacing cracked screens, or dealing with low battery—God’s product is perfect and his warranty is eternal.