After you accept your position as a Teach for America corps member, TFA sends you a PDF with links to articles and videos that you’re supposed to read, watch, and absorb before arriving at Induction. They tell you it should take 40 hours, and give you a timeline for when certain sections should be done by.

Don’t believe it.

I’m a really fast reader, but in order for you to really get the most out of your reading, you should be highlighting things that are important, potentially taking notes, etc. Even if you did none of that, just watching and reading everything is going to take more time than they tell you. So be sure to plan carefully, because you’ll also be studying for/taking your Praxis exams, taking surveys, attending webinars, filling out forms, doing extra (required) activities/training, and participating in interviews with schools (not to mention finishing whatever schooling/job work you might need to do) before arriving at Induction.