Which does the worst damage to our society: drugs or the War on Drugs?

Evils of Drugs:

  • Damage your brain/body
  • Can cause emotional unstability
  • Can be addictive
  • When illegal, often cause violent gangs/drug dealers to form

Evils of the War on Drugs:

  • Heightens the illegality of drugs, making those who traffic them more violent in protecting their assets
  • Criminalizes a large portion of society who would otherwise not be guilty of any crime
  • Tears apart families who have members (especially fathers) arrested for possessing drugs
  • Makes felons of those found possessing drugs, resulting in their:
    • losing the right to vote
    • losing public benefits
    • facing employment, housing, and loan discrimination for the rest of their lives
    • facing public stigma for the rest of their lives
    • etc.

What do you think?


Comparison inspired by the post: The New Jim Crow — A Response