I’ve been accepted as a 2012 Teach for America corps member!

Teach for America is a peace-corps-like program that sends individuals with strong qualifications (but no teaching degree) into impoverished neighbors where they will serve as teachers. The organization’s goal is to reduce the achievement gap between students in wealthy districts and those in poor districts. During their two-year commitment, corps members will earn their teaching credential (note: in some regions a credential takes three years to earn) and usually a Master’s degree in Education Administration as well.

In the coming months, I will be blogging about:

  • Requirements: Legal necessities that must be met before one can become a teacher (through Teach for America).
  • Pre-Work: Reading materials intended to familiarize new corps members with the problems facing impoverished neighborhoods and their schools.
  • Induction: A five-day program intended to familiarize new corps members with the region where they will be teaching.
  • Institute: A five-week program designed to train and prepare new corps members (many of whom have no teaching experience) to successfully guide a class toward achievement.
  • Orientation: The time period between Institute and the start of the school year, during which corps members move into their region. Is sort of like a large-scale Induction (so I understand).

and everything in between. My intent is to provide a resource for future Teach for America applicants and corps members, as well as to provide insights into our educational system and the problems facing impoverished households for the general public.

Stay tuned!