So every year for Lent I give up snacks and soda. Since Chocolate and Coca-Cola are two things I really like, the idea is not only to give up something I’m very attached (some might even say addicted) to, but also to “refresh” my body, so to speak. Put it back on a clean, healthier track…at least for a while.

Well, Lent is up, and it is with a mixture of elation and regret that I eat my first candy since the beginning of February. Elation, because chocolate is yummy. Regret, because I did manage to go for almost two months without any, and now I’m breaking that streak.

That being said, it’s interesting to see how my body reacts to the sugar. It used to be that I could drink a Big Gulp Slurpee (Coca-Cola, of course), have ice cream topped with oreos and maybe some soda, too, and still crave a late-night chocolate. Not that I would have all that in one day, except on the rare occasion — for the most part, I limited myself to one soda and one snack per day — but if I did, I would not have felt any adverse effects. I wouldn’t even have trouble falling asleep at my normal bedtime. That’s how accustomed my body was to the sugar and caffeine.

Now the sugar in what equates to one candy bar is enough to make my heart hammer in my chest for an hour, and my body feel jittery-quesy for the next three. It’s almost enough to make me want to give up snacks again.

At least, until I go to a reception and see a delicious-looking cupcake just waiting for me. Hey, it’s not Lent anymore.