I just sold 250 copies of A Stepmother’s Story: The TRUE Tale of Cinderella in 10 minutes. I’m kind of freaking out.

Was it a glitch? Sales had been pretty slow the last few days. I checked my sales stats at 3:00 pm and no sales so far. Sigh.

I checked back at 4:20. Over 200 sales! Even as I refreshed the page, the numbers kept climbing. Not just in the U.S., but in the U.K. as well. Then they halted. Suddenly. Mysteriously.

I’m confused. Usually I only see a jump like that if my book has a Free promotion day. I checked Amazon. Nope, my book has its normal $0.99 list price. I delete all my cookies and completely reset my browser. Check again. Still has a list price.

If these sales are real, then I just made more money off this book in the last hour than I did all of last year. If they’re not real…I shall be very sad.

Please be real!


* UPDATE: Now my Robin: Lady of Legend sales are jumping, too! US, UK, and Germany!

* UPDATE 2: I think Amazon just failed to count a HUGE portion of the books given away during my Free promotion, and only updated the numbers now (a week later!), since not only did my total current sales skyrocket, but when I looked at the reports for the past six weeks, the numbers had changed by huge amounts. Isn’t the point of past reports that they’re supposed to be past, and thus their numbers unchangeable? I am super sad right now Smiley