I love America and I love our court system, but the lack of standardized punishments for convictions really drives me up the wall. Consider the recent case of 15-year old Anthony Stewart, who will receive a 6 year sentence for stealing 7 cents (see original story here). There are serial rape offenders who do not even receive 6 year sentences! Consider the following discrepancies:

  • A hit-and-run driver kills a man. Gets 2 years in prison. (Story here)
  • A man rapes three minors. Gets 10 years probation. (Story here)
  • A woman is lewd with a minor. Gets life in prison. (Story here)
  • A (severely mentally disabled) 13-year old is accused of raping a woman. Gets life in prison without parol. (Story here)

And now a 15-year old is about to get a 6-year sentence for stealing 7 cents. Punishment for the guilty is just, but try and make it fit the crime, please! Some consistency in our courts is desperately needed. Otherwise, justice is just the whim of a judge.