Today I did a quick-write poem about California Caverns, where I work part time. By quick-write, I mean that I’ve made no edits to this poem and kicked it out pretty fast. The limitations I placed on it were that each line had to rhyme with every other line, and I couldn’t use a rhyming word twice, and I couldn’t use a dictionary/thesaurus/other reference to think up words — I could only use my head. This is what I came up with:

Don’t take fright

If your guide turns off the light

We promise not to bite

Though the bat in our cave might

To save you from this plight

We’ll restore to you your sight

And chase away the night

So your fears will all take flight

See now formations white:

  • Soda straws and stalactites
  • Twisty, curvy helictites
  • And headless stalagmites

All made from pure calcite.

Walk through our tunnels tight

And duck if you have height

Wear a helmet — it’s all right

To go without’s not very bright

At last, you will alight

Full of wonder and delight

And a tad more erudite

Of the cave of which I write

What do you think?