Normally by the first week of May, my California home has experienced its first 90-degree day. Rain showers have all but ceased, and by the first week of June, the heat wave has officially begun.

This year, I feel like I’m still in the first week of December. Two weeks ago, it actually snowed at my house! Rains storms and thunder storms have plagued the forecast for the last few days, and the temperature outside my house has averaged about 61-degrees (inside, it’s about 55-degrees).

Where is Summer?

Don’t get me wrong — I don’t mind in the least a delay in the 90-to-100 degree heat spells that tend to leave my forest home parched and dry for 1/3 of the year. But I wouldn’t mind if the weather crept up into the mid-70s, rather than forcing me to burn next-year’s winter wood supply now. In the meantime, all those gallons of paint I bought to paint my house with are sitting away in my garage until the days heat up, I can’t do a lot of yard-work because of the rain, and the dreary weather makes me want to do nothing but relax.

Wait a minute. What was I worried about again?