YES! Catholics believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, that he died on the Cross for our sins, that He is the only way to the Father, and that by believing in Him and accepting his forgiveness, you will have everlasting life.

So why the confusion? For there is confusion. I still remember how shocked I was in college to see a flyer for IV (InterVarsity — a Christian worship group on campus) that said “Christians and Catholics welcome!” Christians and Catholics? Didn’t they know that Catholics are Christians, too?

And yet it is not only non-Catholics who aren’t sure of their classification. One Catholic wanted to attend a Christian retreat, but thought that since it was for “Christians”, not “Catholics”, she didn’t qualify.

The idea that Catholics aren’t Christian probably stems from the Reformation, when the Protestant churches were doing their best to schism themselves from the Catholic Church. Or perhaps it’s because many people believe (quite wrongly, I might add!) that Catholics worship saints and Mary, rather than just Jesus and God. This is definitely not true, but the belief persists.

Christ Carrying the Cross - El GrecoThis is why I have devoted this section of my blog to discussing Christianity and Catholicism. I am not trying to convert anyone, although if you find your way to God through this blog, nothing would make me happier. What I am trying to do is to shed a little light on topics and concepts that have been distorted by the media, misunderstanding, and false preaching. I ask that you read these posts with an open heart and mind, without anger, and with a willingness to learn and understand.