I have been living with the curse of dial-up for the last 12 years. The cables for high-speed internet stop 3 miles from my house, so I’ve been forced to suffer with 1kb/s download rates for most of my internet life. Lately, I became aware of the possibility of getting satellite internet through Wild Blue (the only satellite internet company in the area), but they wanted $70/month for it. Yikes! And then I got the card in the mail.

The postcard was from Hughes Net, announcing that through the Recovery Act, it would provide high-speed internet to those for whom dial-up and satellite were the only internet options, for only $40/month, with no term commitment for the basic plan! I jumped at the chance and couldn’t understand why I’d never heard about this before, since apparently the Recovery Act had been providing this service since 2009. Now I finally have high-speed internet, and so far it works in all weather except when there’s snow. I am super-delighted and strongly recommend anyone who is still suffering in the Dark Ages of slow internet to check out this program.