Hello everyone! Welcome to Pens & PCs. I am super-excited that you are reading this blog, because I am an author, and all authors want to have their work read! But we also want to make sure that we are writing things that people care about, so please contact me with topics and questions that you want to see answered in this blog. (You can write me at rmarcejaeger@gmail.com).

For the most part, Pens & PCs will focus on writing- or computer-related topics, with some random stuff thrown in between. This random stuff can venture anywhere from true-life stories to abstract thoughts to commentaries on the latest political furor. Sometimes I will take sides; sometimes I will merely present a subject and leave any conclusions for you to decide.

Please be respectful of other readers when posting your comments. Avoid profanity and destructive language at all times (this includes words utilizing **s — if we can figure out what word you mean, it counts)! Aside from this you can voice whatever opinions you want, but comments that violate this courtesy rule will be removed without warning. (Sorry for the stern tone, but I feel it’s best to lay the ground rules out now).

My blog is your blog. I will do my best to make it both informative and interesting for you, but will rely on your input to tell me what you want to see. Otherwise, you will be stuck with what I want to write, and that can get kooky pretty fast =)

Welcome to my blog!

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